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Reach.  Grow.  Preserve.

At Horizon Investment Counsel, we approach "getting there" as a journey with you, according to your unique interests and style, as well as the relationship you seek with your advisor.

IRA and 401k Management
Company pensions are an item of the past.  Today, most people depend on an IRA or 401k for the majority of their retirement savings.  Careful management of these assets is crucial to a well funded retirement.  Most of us do not have the time to replace assets lost to mismanagement.
Retirement Planning


In depth look at where you are and where you want to be when "the day" finally arrives.  A succinct report detailing what we can do to get you there is the beginning of our relationship with you.

Portfolio Management
Horizon offers 3 distinct portfolio strategies.  Dividend Champions and Foundation portfolios focus on individual securities while the Strategic Allocation portfolios utilize exchange traded funds (ETFs) in their construction.
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